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Let's have a word about styles within Ink and Image!

I popped into one of my retailers yesterday. Sandy Toes of Brixham that has such a wonderful selection of tempting goods, including my own of course!! We were talking about various things including blogging and Instagram, when for a moment the discussion turned to products.

It was this part of the chat which caused me to write this blog. One of the fun and exciting things about the Ink and Image catalogue of works, is the designing/creation of new ones in the style that sits behind each town's collection!

When I develop an identity for the town I'm making images for, it takes a little while for the "style" to appear. If you look at the images for Sidmouth, Totnes, and Brixham, there are elements that appear consistent through most of the pictures. Sidmouth for example has more than a hint of the red shades. With its stunning red cliffs that dominate the coastline, Sidmouth is known for them. The sun hits the cliffs and they radiate the colours in the red end of the spectrum.

But why is Totnes green? Well, if you go there, you will immediately understand the feeling of health, conservation, new age, and earthy crafts. Green! A colour that we associate with country sides, and landscape.

Brixham, well, this is a little difficult. I want to say blues, but as Brixham was the first series released, the whole style identity wasn't completely there. There's less of a single identity and more of a mix. Which when you think about it is more Brixham. It's a mix of sea, and stone, of industry and wildlife. It's a palette of colours. I challenge you to disagree if you walk down around the harbour, and look up at the houses that hug the harbour. Multi-coloured...multiple identities...

Now we come to the two new series; one is completed and going live shortly, the other I have been struggling with until the discussion yesterday at Sandy Toes. Paignton is due to be available this weekend on the website. I've seen many lovely images of the Pier in the sun, the iconic structure shown with an energy filled sea, or at night with the lights. But, for me, it hints of an era of mechanical craftsmanship. A time when building industrial structures to entertain were the norm. You have to wait for the announcement blog to see them, unless you are already on the Ink and Image Instagram account in which case you will have seen a few already.

Finally, we arrive at one that I have been struggling with. Dartmouth. Easy you say! A picturesque military town that sits on the river Dart. A photographers dream, where there have been plenty of images. But I'm not about doing things that have been done before, done extremely well. There has to be something unique, and something that when talked about, you will nod your head, and view the town differently (even though its still the same town). So what is the solution for my Dartmouth images? Is it a colour? No, styles don't have to be a colour, or a filter. Styles, can be a mechanical thing as well. It's one word actually that solved the problem for me, in being able to represent Dartmouth. "Twins"...

You shall have to read about that in the Dartmouth blog announcement when I release the towns images...I'm such a tease!

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