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Brixham - A Snapshot

Brixham - A Sea Treasure...

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The people who live in Brixham are very proud of their town. A working fishing town, that sends it's catches across the UK.

Traditionally, there are two parts to Brixham. Cowtown and Fishtown. The whole community is focused around the stunning harbour which holds a replica of Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind. The tourist attraction itself, becomes the focus of one of Europes biggest pirate festivals every year in May. An amazing time to be in the town, with many a classic pirate...just keep an eye on your rum!

The level of artisan creativity here is amazing. From painters, bread makers, to carved crafts. While there will always be the mass produced souvenirs, there are also many original works, that speaks volumes about this community.

There is also a gentle but powerful reminder of the loss the fishing community suffers in order to bring the catches to land. A beautiful statue commemorates the loss of lives in the day-to-day work of the trawlers. I should mention that the image you can buy from me called "Man and Boy" is a donation image. The profits from the sales of this image will go to the RNLI to support the hard work in rescuing those in trouble on our seas.

This is now where I call home. While I may be new to this fishing community I feel at home, closer to nature than ever before with the sea close to my door!

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