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Man and Boy Brixham, Elisabeth Hadley
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One of my philosophies is always about trying to give something back when I can. After spending many years in the corporate world, I'm always thankful (if a little stressed), by being a self-employed artist.

I will spare you the preamble about moving to Brixham, but want to highlight something very important ...

Selection of images for Sidmouth
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Today was a very pleasant stroll through Sidmouth town and seaside. While not a glorious summer's day, the sea was out and the sun more wintery with some clouds. This made for an interesting time taking the photographs that form the based of the images you see here. With the tide out, and the reflection ...

Brixham - A Snapshot
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The people who live in Brixham are very proud of their town. A working fishing town, that sends it's catches across the UK.

Traditionally, there are two parts to Brixham. Cowtown and Fishtown. The whole community is focused around the stunning harbour which holds a replica of Sir Francis Drake's Golden ...

Winter Fox
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It's fair to say that I do take pictures of wildlife. In fact I've taken pictures of wild lives too. I think my answer to the above question would be that I take pictures for me. Always have, always will! If the subject is interesting, then the camera should be there to capture it!

Many photographers ...

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Well, if you've managed to get to this page already then congratulations!

The website for Ink and Image has literally only just been uploaded, and there will be a little time before we are ready to start accepting orders for the prints, and other stunning house decoration.

But for now, if you ...

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