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Brixham, Devon.
United Kingdom

Shipping Worldwide

Even if you have never found the joy of the West Country, but love our images, we would be delighted to ship one to you where ever you are in the world!

Archival Print

The prints are designed to last for over 90 years! Something you can pass on to future generations!

Print, Canvas, and Special formats

We produce Simon's images in cards, prints, canvases, and exciting new formats like acrylic, and metal based prints.

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Cards, A5, A4, A3 and Panoramic
A5 Greeting Cards £2.95
A5 Print £7.95
A4 Print £14.95
A3 Print £19.95
Panoramic Prints £54.95
Square Prints £36.00

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Multiple sizes and Panoramic
Regular (20x16) £45.00
Large (30x20) £60.00
Panoramic (40x16) £80.00
Square (16x16) £36.00
Photography Horses Simon taking a picture

Product Spotlight

That's him!

Portrait of Simon Palmer
Simon L.F. Palmer

An award winning cameraman and photographer living in Brixham, Devon. Simon has been wielding a camera for over 30 years, and has captured stunning images in wildlife, music, and equine areas. He cites Ansel Adams as one of his major influences however, is always focuses on bringing his artistic skills to his work.

All the images he creates on this website are part of his Arthouse style.

You can view Simon's other work (Music, Equine, and Wildlife)| on his website CheetahWorld. Additional images from those areas of work can be purchased there.

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